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Divided time - repost 
4th-May-2006 05:07 pm
Lost in Translation
All of my friends are otherwise occupied or coupled off, so I decide to take advantage of the sweet Travelzoo deal myself. I'm in the Caribbean, at a resort I got an amazing all-inclusive deal on, preparing to spend a week drinking, reading, writing, tanning, swimming and eating.

I get upgraded to an incredible room with a balcony. When I check in, I head out onto the balcony, and watch the guy in the next suite taking pictures. He turns around, our eyes lock, and I realize it's my ex, B, also on a solo vacation. He's happy to see me, and I him, and we decide to have dinner that night. "I don't mind traveling alone," he tells me. "I just don't like eating alone."

After dinner, and several drinks, we wind up kissing, and then back at my suite. Everything is as good as it had been - the conversation, the kissing, and everything beyond.

During the day, I divide my time between the pool and a chair next to it, writing and reading and availing myself many drinks with little umbrellas. He goes off and takes pictures. We meet up for lunch and dinner and talk about what we've done that day so far. We divide our nights between the suites, to get our money's worth.

Before he leaves he tells me he wishes he could bring me back with him. And I tell him the same thing. We're both on the same flight home, and by the time we land we're talking about dividing our time between the two places.

"I thought we didn't want to do long distance?" I ask him.
"The flight's only an hour. That's not really long." he says.

Sometimes I fantasize about celebrities. And sometimes, it's about ex boyfriends. Just because you remember the good times doesn't mean you're sitting at home, knitting, and waiting for them to come back.
4th-May-2006 09:26 pm (UTC)
Nice one Shaz!

And hey, I don't think there's anything wrong about an Ex guest-starring in your fantasy. I mean, there's way more of a connection there than would be with some random celeb, that's bound to be a richer fantasy!
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