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I don't even need it to be a holiday, I can cook in some teensy little vineyard cafe and stay on some forgotten street, in Marie Antoinette's prison cell

or maybe a chateau or abbey with a view
16th-May-2006 10:06 am - I am not in an office.
I am in a big cushy warm bed in a hotel someplace quiet, but not desolate.  There is hot cocoa (with marshmellows OF COURSE), there are graphic novels and mystery novels at hand, and exciting but not exhaustively complicated movies to watch.  And of course, some nice pastries to snack on.

Until my grilled cheese sandwich and butternut squash soup at lunch that is. This would of course, be followed by a fresh hot bowl of popcorn to accompany my movie watching.

The afternoon movies include (but are not limited to): Run Lola Run, the Usual Suspects, and maybe that new Phantom of the Opera movie for a little indulgence.  
9th-May-2006 02:01 pm - because its tuesday
death takes a reading break

Out in front of a nice little country cabin, I am in a comfy lounge chair with a icy lemonade on the table beside me, and an engrossing novel in front of me. Also ahead of me is a little stone bridge (there's a tiny creek) that leads to a big blue pond with delightfully cool water. I take a swim every time the sun gets too warm.

And the noise? There isn't any but the occasional bird call. and rustled leaves from the breeze.

8th-May-2006 10:31 am - At Wit's End
Katharine by antheia
At the moment, I'd love to be in a hammock with a good book. Whether I am reading or writing said book is not important.

In the backyard of my gorgeous mansion that looks exactly like the house in Practical Magic. The weather is perfect. The whole thing looks like a page out of some fancy magazine. It's quiet. There are butterflies, and my allergies are not bothering me.

(and yes, the house is called "Wit's End.")
4th-May-2006 05:07 pm - Divided time - repost
Lost in Translation
All of my friends are otherwise occupied or coupled off, so I decide to take advantage of the sweet Travelzoo deal myself. I'm in the Caribbean, at a resort I got an amazing all-inclusive deal on, preparing to spend a week drinking, reading, writing, tanning, swimming and eating.

I get upgraded to an incredible room with a balcony. When I check in, I head out onto the balcony, and watch the guy in the next suite taking pictures. He turns around, our eyes lock, and I realize it's my ex, B, also on a solo vacation. He's happy to see me, and I him, and we decide to have dinner that night. "I don't mind traveling alone," he tells me. "I just don't like eating alone."

After dinner, and several drinks, we wind up kissing, and then back at my suite. Everything is as good as it had been - the conversation, the kissing, and everything beyond.

During the day, I divide my time between the pool and a chair next to it, writing and reading and availing myself many drinks with little umbrellas. He goes off and takes pictures. We meet up for lunch and dinner and talk about what we've done that day so far. We divide our nights between the suites, to get our money's worth.

Before he leaves he tells me he wishes he could bring me back with him. And I tell him the same thing. We're both on the same flight home, and by the time we land we're talking about dividing our time between the two places.

"I thought we didn't want to do long distance?" I ask him.
"The flight's only an hour. That's not really long." he says.

Sometimes I fantasize about celebrities. And sometimes, it's about ex boyfriends. Just because you remember the good times doesn't mean you're sitting at home, knitting, and waiting for them to come back.
4th-May-2006 04:59 pm - A quick simple one
I want to be in a luxury hotel where I am getting full-on spa treatment pampering. Room service, massage, jacuzzi, followed by manicure & pedicure, large movie selection at my disposal, and a big soft bed with nice soft sheets and loads of pillows.

Did I mention the room service would not only include any snack that came to mind, but boozy treats as well.

Yep. That'd do right now.
2nd-May-2006 05:19 pm(no subject)
there are so many places i'd like to be...

Lets start with a mild Spring afternoon. There's a gentle breeze blowing. I'm on the porch of my lake side cabin in the Poconos. I have the BBQ grill fired up and i'm about to put some burgers and such on for me and my friends who are kicking back with a couple of frosty beers...

no stress.
2nd-May-2006 04:54 pm - Carribean Anyone?
All I need on this one is the perfect weather, a comfy beach lounge chair, a good novel, drink service on the beach, and a handsome young man to put suntain lotion on my back.

...ok the young man should be James Marsters instead. Then he can sing me songs with his guitar between applications.

...hell, he can read to me if he uses the brittish accent.
2nd-May-2006 04:49 pm - First post.
Clooney Cheers
Here's a good one: how about hooking up with George Clooney at the Cannes film festival? He's there promoting his film. I'm there because a film based on one of my books is opening the festival, and I'm there for press and because they asked me to go to Cannes, and I couldn't think of a bloody reason to say no to that, especially since I get to stay in a beautiful old hotel in a room with a balcony. The weather is perfect - not blistering, but warm enough to swim and go in the ocean.

We meet in a deserted bar when I send him a drink, and we hit it off. I find him surprisingly intelligent (in addition to being hot), he finds me refreshing and funny. We banter. We snog in elevators. We skip junkets to stay in bed and order room service.

And after that - we go back to his villa in Rome for awhile.

(of course that's only one of many. Some more embarrassing than others.)
2nd-May-2006 04:28 pm(no subject)
[bat] Kate Kane
Fine, I'll start.

If I could be anywhere right now, it would be on my way over the Ponte Sisto to meet Clive Owen at Piazza Navona for lunch. The sun beating down, the humidity low and th um of traffic on the street keeping me company as I make my way up the streets of the city.
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